Freedom of movement is guaranteed to individuals in the Universal

Freedom of movement is guaranteed to individuals in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as in international constitutions, including the UAE Constitution, which stipulates in Rule No. 29 of it that freedom of movement and residence is guaranteed to citizens within the limits of the law, so that no person may be restricted, prevented from traveling, or forced to reside in a place specified only by law. However, if you intend to travel anywhere outside the United Arab Emirates, it is necessary to inquire whether you have a travel ban from the Emirates that may prevent you from leaving the country or returning to it again. A travel ban in the Emirates is a ban on entering or re-entering the territory of the United Arab Emirates, or a ban on leaving the country until the traveler fulfills specific conditions. When a travel ban is taken, the UAE authorities issue a decision to all the country’s border crossings to prevent the banned individual from entering or leaving the country. A travel ban in the United Arab Emirates is imposed on both citizens and residents for several reasons, including:- * Committing criminal offenses According to Rule (94) of the executive regulations of Federal Law No. (6) of 1973 related to immigration and residence, if the person is under investigation for violating criminal laws Such as theft, drug use, carrying a weapon, murder, rape, forgery or adultery. A travel ban may be issued against him * Non-payment of debts According to Rules No. (329) and (330) of the UAE Civil Procedures Law. These Rules enable the creditor to request a travel ban on the debtor from a competent judge, as a temporary measure to guarantee the creditor’s right. Therefore, the travel ban is issued after the creditor’s claim to recover an unpaid debt. * Violation immigration laws – getting involved in labor relationships without issuing the required work permits, – Staying in the UAE after the visa expires – Entering the UAE illegally, – leaving work without informing the employer, then staying in the UAE or leaving without canceling the employer’s visa (escape). – Family issues Marriage, divorce and custody issues A travel ban from the UAE may lead to the payment of large fines or refusal to enter the UAE – In the event that you want to inquire whether you have a travel ban, Al Fahd Legal Consultancy Company provides you with all services for inquiries and lifting the travel ban About the United Arab Emirates – All you have to do is communicate with us and provide some of the required documents – your valid passport – your old passport – your residence permit.


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Mr. Mohammad Salah

CEO / Dubai – UAE


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