UAE Cybersecurity Laws

UAE Cybersecurity Laws . Information technology has begun to power almost every aspect of modern life, be it communication, commerce, law, economy or business development. The rapid evolution of cyber crime has required companies to institute robust data protection policies.

As the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has shown itself to be an emerging leader in the Middle East in the markets of e-commerce, telecommunication and digitalising private information, there is an urgent need to implement cyber security measures. Under the auspices of communications privacy as a principle already established by the UAE Constitution of 1971, the legislator felt the need to allocate a special law that provides for the protection of private communication and, more specifically, criminalises the violation of such privacy.

Federal Decree Law No. 34 of 2021 on Combatting Rumours and Cybercrimes took effect on 2 January 2022. The law provides a comprehensive legal framework to address the concerns relating to the misuse and abuse of online technologies. UAE cybersecurity laws protect all your rights and the rights of your communications within UAE

It aims to enhance the level of protection from online crimes committed through the use of information technology, networks and platforms. It further seeks to protect the UAE’s government websites and databases, combat the spread of rumours and fake news, safeguard against electronic fraud and maintain privacy and personal rights.The law lists offences and penalties against any person who may create or use an electronic site or any information technology means for hacking, attacking or tampering with government information systems and data, disseminating false information, or information that harms the interest and the security of the UAE. Other cyber offences in the law

Types of Cyber Crime

An In-Depth Analysis Phishing

Intellectual Property Theft


Drug Trafficking

Understanding the process of reporting a cyber crime complaint is crucial under the cyber crime law in UAE. When faced with online threats or criminal activities, knowing how to report cyber crime in UAE empowers individuals to contribute to a safer digital environment.


  • Document Evidence: Collect relevant evidence, including screenshots, emails, or any information that may assist authorities
  • Contact Local Authorities: Report the cyber crime to the local authorities, such as the police or the cyber crime complaint unit,
  • Use Online Reporting Platforms: Utilize online reporting platforms provided by law enforcement agencies,
  • Seek Legal Advice: If uncertain about the severity of the cyber crime or the reporting process, seek legal advice to ensure proper documentation and compliance with the cyber crime law in UAE
  • Protect Personal Information: Prioritize the protection of personal information during the reporting process
  • Follow Up on the Complaint: Stay informed about the progress of the reported cyber crime by following up with the relevant authorities

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