🛑 Revolutionizing Divorce Law for Non-Muslims in Abu Dhabi

A groundbreaking Civil Personal Status Decree has been ushered in by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE and the Ruler of Abu Dhabi, offering a transformative legal landscape for non-Muslim expatriates residing in Abu Dhabi. The decree, issued on November 7, 2021, extends its application to a spectrum of personal matters, including marriage, divorce, wills, inheritance, and child custody.

Key Highlights of the Civil Personal Status Decree:

1- Marriage and Divorce Under Civil Law:

Non-Muslim residents in Abu Dhabi now have the liberty to enter into and dissolve marriages, embracing civil law procedures.

2- Joint Child Custody:

The decree enables non-Muslim parents to seek joint custody of their children, streamlining the legal process and ensuring a fair approach.

3- Hassle-Free Legal Proceedings:

Aiming for simplicity and accessibility, the law strives to eliminate complexities in legal procedures, providing a hassle-free experience for non-Muslim expatriates.

4- Equal Rights for Both Genders:

The decree upholds gender equality, ensuring equal rights for both males and females in matters of testimony, marriage, divorce, inheritance, and child custody.

5- Single Judge Proceedings:

Matters brought before the court will be adjudicated by a single judge, streamlining the legal process for expatriates.

6- Language and Judiciary:

The court, established under this law, will operate primarily in the Arabic language, with English translation services available. Furthermore, non-Muslim judges may be appointed to preside over cases.

Contact Us for Legal Assistance:

Al Fahad Legal Consulting is poised to provide comprehensive legal support in divorce proceedings and other matters falling under the ambit of the new Civil Personal Status Decree. Our commitment is to assist non-Muslim expatriates in navigating these legal changes seamlessly. Do not hesitate to reach out to us for expert legal guidance and representation in divorce procedures and related matters.

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