Criminal and Penal Code

Criminal and Penal Code

The Criminal Law in the UAE contains provisions that are derived from Islamic Sharia Law. This makes it very important for all lawyers particularly criminal lawyers in Dubai and any other emirates to have depth acknowledge of both the UAE Penal code and Islamic Sharia Law, which will lead us to present our clients effectively in the criminal courts.

Moreover, we provide proper legal advice and represent our clients in criminal matters, which may be considered criminal under U.A.E. Penal Code No.: 31 for the year 2021.

We have substantial experience in assisting our clients with representation before the U.A.E. Police stations department, Public Prosecution, Investigation sector, Criminal Courts, and Federal Authority For Identity, Citizen SHip, Customs, & Port security.

For the criminal cases that we are practicing with examples but not limited to (Bounced cheques, Breach of trust/white collar crimes, Defamation/false advertising, Traffic offenses, Drugs, Murdered, …etc.) in addition to that we have the best services required which is checking our client’s criminal record system over all the UAE.

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