๐Ÿ›‘ Criminal Defense Expertise in Dubai and Across the UAE

Navigating the complex terrain of criminal law in the UAE demands a nuanced understanding of both the UAE Penal Code and Islamic Sharia Law. Al Fahad Legal Consulting, particularly our criminal lawyers in Dubai, possesses an in-depth knowledge of these legal frameworks, allowing us to adeptly represent our clients in criminal courts.

Key Aspects of Our Criminal Defense Services:

1- Islamic Sharia Law Integration:

Recognizing the derivation of provisions from Islamic Sharia Law in the UAE Criminal Law, our lawyers seamlessly integrate this understanding into our defense strategies.

2- Legal Advice and Representation:

Providing comprehensive legal advice and expert representation for criminal matters falling under the UAE Penal Code No.: 31 for the year 2021.

3- Extensive Experience:

Substantial experience in assisting clients throughout various stages of criminal proceedings, including interactions with U.A.E. Police stations, Public Prosecution, the Investigation sector, Criminal Courts, and Federal Authorities.

Diverse Criminal Cases Handling:

Our criminal defense practice spans a wide array of cases, including but not limited to:

* Bounced Cheques: Expert representation in cases related to bounced cheques.
* Breach of Trust/White Collar Crimes: Defending clients against charges of breach of trust and other white-collar crimes.
* Defamation/False Advertising: Legal support for cases involving defamation and false advertising.
* Traffic Offenses: Representing clients facing charges related to traffic offenses.
* Drugs: Defending individuals accused of drug-related offenses.
* Murder: Expertise in handling murder cases and providing robust defense strategies.

Criminal Record Checking Services:

We offer comprehensive services, including checking our clients’ criminal records throughout the UAE. This crucial service provides a proactive approach to understanding and addressing potential legal hurdles.

Trust Our Expertise:

Al Fahad Legal Consulting is your trusted partner for criminal defense in Dubai and beyond. With a focus on legal excellence and a deep understanding of Islamic Sharia Law and the UAE Penal Code, our firm stands ready to provide effective representation and legal guidance in even the most complex criminal cases.

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