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“It is important to draw attention to the importance of the legal profession because it is not only limited to defending or asserting rights, but it has a broader and more significant scope, which is providing legal advice and correct legal opinions in all areas of the law.


In many countries and in reality, many people neglect seeking legal advice from experienced and competent lawyers, either by not seeking consultation in advance and waiting until a problem arises, or by not being aware of the importance of consulting an experienced lawyer in all legal matters.


In reality, and with many examples that occur in most legal service companies in general, and in our company in particular, many clients have suffered either due to their delay in seeking consultation and relying on a competent and experienced lawyer, or due to neglecting the importance of such consultation, or making the wrong choice of an assisting lawyer when seeking consultation. Your delay in seeking the assistance of a lawyer may turn you from a rightful owner to a debtor. By simply consulting an experienced lawyer, you can save yourself many obstacles, time, and financial costs.


Speaking about this matter in Al Fahad Legal Consultations Company, we want to clarify that the value of legal consultations never equals or compares to the financial and legal losses that may result from acting without consulting a competent lawyer.”


Written by:

Mr. Mohammad Salah

CEO / Dubai – UAE


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